Only two factors determine the quality of the carpet cleaning service you will receive. You may be surprised to learn that your cost of the carpet cleaners time, equipment, and materials is not one of them. Rather, they are:
      1.) The carpet cleaning equipment. In recent years carpet cleaning innovators have been adapting industrial cleaning equipment for residential & light commercial premises. For example, Rotovac has reduced a motorized carpet cleaning head from 89 pound to 39 pounds weight. Similar advances have been made in electric carpet cleaning extraction units, resulting in the same cleaning power as truck mounted gasoline powered equipment - but with a significantly smaller carbon footprint.
  1. ) The quality committment of the carpet cleaner technician. Because you are unaware of carpet cleaning issues such as detergent residue, the carpet cleaner technician may be tempted to cut corners. Also, a hurried carpet cleaner technician may skimp on spending the little extra time it takes to get the best clean possible, especially on extracting soiled areas such as water stains, oily traffic lanes, and hidden pet spots.
Carpet Cleaning Quality Health
You'll notice the difference when you have a healthy carpet cleaning.

Customers say things like, "Our carpets stay cleaner longer after you've cleaned." And, "It just feels, breathes better."

You get a 100% Carpet Cleaning Guarantee because my customers are 100% Delighted.
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Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Service

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